Testimonials Students

Throughout the my courses with Al-Shafi’e Institute, I learned about the fundamental things in Islamic knowledge, I realised the importance of them and that there are many more things to learn about our beautiful religion, Allah and His Prophet.

Dr. Siti Aznida

My learning experience with Shaykh Ali Ahmed in all his courses was not just on theory but practical. I truly treasure the study of the science of Hadith and Seerah of the Prophet. Alhumdulillah I managed to memorize Surah Al-Mulk by the end of the course after knowing its virtue!

Prudential Insurance Co.

Taking the 3 and 6 months programs has definitely helped me understand Islam in a wider perspective. It changed the way I view everyday life and to be better in every aspect as a Muslim. Not only we were trained to be a good student of knowledge but Sheikh Ali really motivated his students into putting knowledge in practice by taking up community projects to contribute and help build a better ummah.

Nur Azra
Director - IslamiCare Reverts Support.

Great experience with very supportive & baby friendly teachers. Seeking knowledge is addictive and you won’t be able to stop!


Chinese Revert, Homemaker

6 month Diploma course with Sheikh Ali is life-changing experience. Enjoyable classes, practical Islamic knowledge, systematic way of teaching, lifelong fridendships are some of the features of this course.

Mersiha Corovic
Lawyer, Serbia.

Alhamdulillah all praise is to Allah who has guided us to benefit from Al-Shafi’e Institute, I have learned alot, and each day am learning a new things in my deen. May Allah guide us and make it easy for us on the path of knowledge.

Abu Yusuf
Web Designer, BiH.