Riyadh Al-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)

Tue-Thurs (10.30 am to 1:00 pm), Sep. 4th (part 1)

About the Course

In this course, Sheikh Ali Ahmed will read and provide explanatory commentary on Imam Al-Nawawi’s classical hadith text Riyadh Al-Saliheen, The Gardens of the Righteous. Each chapter of the text is based around a core theme essential to the Deen, and elucidates its practice according to the Sunnah of our Prophet, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him.

The objective of the course will focus on providing actionable advice for Muslims in LIVING the Sunnah amid modern-day challenges. How can we correctly deploy the wisdom contained in the Hadith in the modern world? How can each of us incorporate the spirit of the Sunnah into our lives? The focus is on practical steps to take to bring about a change.

Course Format

The book consists of approximately 1,900 Hadith that are contained in 372 chapters.
The course will be divided in four (4) series and parts as to cover the most pertinent Hadiths that will directly affect the student’s life living in our modern world. This will give the students the opportunity to choose which part to attend in order to improve their knowledge in that particular topic/theme.
It is advised for students to take all 4 parts to get the complete and full benefit.


Who is Imam Al-Nawawi?

The great scholar, Hadith master, biographer, lexicologist, and saintly mystic Imam Nawawi is perhaps best known for his hadith books Riyadh Al-Saliheen (The Gardens of the Righteous), Kitab al-Adhkar (Book of Remembrance), and his eighteen-volume Sharh Sahih Muslim (Commentary on the Sahih Muslim). Imam Nawawi was one of the foremost students and intellectual heirs of Imam al-Shafi’i, and in the Shafi’i school his texts are referenced more often than the early works of Imam al-Shafi’i himself.
He was famed for his devotion to knowledge and learning, his great erudition, his simplicity, his detachment to this world and God fearing. He would only sleep when overcome with fatigue and once said of himself: “I spent two years without lying on the ground [to sleep] on my side.” Some narrations state that apart from his books, his only worldly possessions were his turban and long gown. He was extremely scrupulous about only eating of the completely halal – he would refuse to eat even ordinarily permissible foods since he was never sure about whether the source of income that was used to produce it was halal in the Damascus of his day and age.
The Imam died at the age of only 45 years. But so great was the barakah that Allah placed in his time, that in his short lifespan he became one of the leading scholars of Damascus and published classical works of enduring value that have remained among the best books of the umma in their genre to this day.

Why is Riyadh as Saliheen so famous?

Riyadh Al-Saliheen is unparalleled in its popularity for a work of Hadith its size. Its widespread acceptance and popularity is attributable to its manner of compilation – Imam Nawawi compiled and arranged just short of 1,900 Hadith pivotal to the spirit of Islam into various themed chapters.
Each chapter covers a mode of behaviour, a way of being that is essential to being Muslim. The book covers almost every aspect of Muslim moral conduct – from beliefs, to states of heart such as repentance, gratitude and fear of Allah, to everyday activities such as how to behave with one’s spouse, the etiquettes of eating, drinking and going to sleep.

Throughout the book Imam Al-Nawawi also begins his chapters by quoting from the relevant Quranic verses regarding the theme to be covered. He thus connects the hadith to their primary scriptural sources in the Book of Allah. This makes Riyadh Al-Saliheen an exceptionally arranged resource for every Muslim wishing to learn the very spirit of the Deen.

Taught by Sheikh Ali Ahmed

From 4th Sep. 2018


Tue-Thurs (10.30 am to 1:00 pm)

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Tue-Thurs (10.30 am to 1 pm), from 4th sep.