Sheikh Ali Ahmed

Sheikh Ali hails from a lineage of Islamic scholars and disciplinarians. He started his journey seeking knowledge at the age of 6 from his father. After having memorized the Qur’an he received an Ijaza in the Qur’an only 28 shy of the Prophet, on whom may peace be upon.

His thirst for knowledge took him around the world to study at the feet of scholars from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Mauritania, Morocco among others. He has 2 Bachelor’s degrees in Islamic Studies and in Biochemistry (cum laude), a Masters in Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh (summa cum laude) and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Islamic Judiciary from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

With 15 years of experience as an Imam and youth director in California, USA, Sheikh Ali offers a unique perspective of knowledge in class. The wisdom and insights obtained from his various first hand involvement in establishing communities, non-profit organizations and several schools and institutes in three countries, as well as having been a professional in the working force, adds enrichment to his class and lessons.

He melts the hearts with lessons in Tazkiyah, Akhlaq and combines his lessons with spiritually uplifting discussions. His teaching style keeps the students motivated, encouraged, at ease and above-all skilled and empowered.

In his free time, Sheikh Ali actively pursues special projects focusing on Dawah efforts with local and international organizations. These initiatives involve close cooperation with his own students and other organizations.