About Al-Shafi’e Institute

“Recite in the name of your Lord who created – Created man from a clinging substance.”(96:1-2)

In the first revelation our ummah received, two matters were strongly established: the pursuit of this ummah was that of an intellectual one, and our existence was brought about by a creator who created us with the required intellectual ability. Knowledge has been at the core of our ummah since Day 1. Unlike the previous ummah, we are not blessed by a continuous arrival of prophets who would guide us. However, the knowledge that is required for the survival and maintenance of an ummah has been protected in a single text, in a language that survives until today: a Quran in Arabic. It is this very knowledge that binds our intellectual pursuits to our creator.

Our actions are meant to be taken on informed judgements. The basis of this judgement naturally ties to knowledge revealed to our prophet (pbuh), and conveyed by the righteous ones of this ummah from generation to generation. Any person having received from this knowledge becomes obligated to disseminate it to others in the most effective manner.

With such view in mind, Al-Shafi’e Institute has been set up as an educational institution to impart this knowledge. Although primarily an educational institution, the curriculum extends beyond lecturing and classrooms. Al-Shefi’e aspires to function as a platform where students can learn, internalize, and execute.

The educational aims of Al-Shafi’e Institute are thus expected to be achieved through two pathways: academic and community engagement. The current academic offering of Al-Shafi’e Institute comprises of the 3-6-9 program which is a 3 month certificate, 6 month diploma and 9 month advanced diploma in Islamic Studies. In addition to this, a Quranic Arabic course is being offered which is tailored for learners according to their level of commitment maximizing learning outcomes. This program is offered in segments of 40 hours, which may take 1 month to 1.5 months depending on the students. Although the courses are backed by certifications, the intended objective of the entire process is that students abosorb the information and learn they can make it relevant to their lives.

Besides the academics, Al-Shafie also stresses upon projects that focus on specific needs in the ummah, specially the ones which require direct involvement and manpower. One such project that is currently running full-fledged is the Rohingya Refugee Shelter project which is based in Langkawi. So far, Al-Shafie Institute has provided resources for housing, quran school and basic medication. A medical camp was been arranged in November 2016, which comprised a health check-up conducted by the students of Al-Shafie Institute who are involved with the medical profession otherwise. Upcoming projects include the Youth Club, which is being designed at the moment to facilitate creative workshops, games modules and tazkirah session for young members of our community. As we hope to progress with the help of Allah, we plan to expand our activities and learning scopes. With this, we would like to WELCOME everyone to join our community and be a part of this journey together, starting from our own premises from July 2018, inshaAllah.

“Convey from me, even if it is one verse.” (Bukhari)

Every step that we make under the guidance of Quran, is one step closer to Allah. And, hence it is found in the sayings of the prophet (pbuh) above. This hadith fulfills its purpose, only when one fully understands a certain teaching, acts on it, and convey it in the right manner. May Allah enable us to seek knowledge, help each other in attaining the benefits of guidance and continue doing so.